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Post by Eleuthero on Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:26 am

Also, the "hair-in-a-bun" works on some but not others.
On Jen's first video, the hair in a bun with one lock
draped diagonally over her forehead is just sexy as
hell. Vanessa, on the other hand, looks better with
her wild hair LOOSE.

This fits with the theme of my last suggestion that
it's a lot sexier when vids start with "girl next door"
and the "bad girl" gets slowly revealed with each
passing minute due to their smoking prowess.

Sometimes, when you start with them looking like
bad girls, there is nothing left to unfold, no remaining
mystery to discover in the rest of the video. Example:
In Vanessa's latest with black bikini and hair-in-a-bun,
after you've seen the first six minutes you've seen it
all. Also, Vanessa's dancing in that vid is just BAD.

We're smoking fetishists and I think that a lot of goofy
pyrotechnics like dancing and hula-hoops should be left
for strictly porn sites. What we like is Ph.D. caliber
SMOKING with maybe some nice interviews.


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