Hamburg meet up on Saturday!

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Hamburg meet up on Saturday! Empty Hamburg meet up on Saturday!

Post by Admin1 on Wed Dec 14, 2011 1:26 pm

I will go to Hamburg (Germany) this Saturday 17 December and it would be a good opportunity to meetup with some SmokingSweeties fans. It's a pure social thing. Meet in a nice bar, have a few drinks and chat. I haven't got a venue lined up so if anyone fancies suggesting a key place in the city centre that would be great. I am staying pretty central myself.

So if you fancy coming say so below and we do need to nail down a bar by this Friday, any info about then that bar is confirmed will be here, so check back! If nobody shows interest then I will sit like billy no mates in my hotel bar pining for a Hendricks and Tonic!

- Fran

(I've also published this topic in the SmokingSweeties Facebook page )

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Hamburg meet up on Saturday! Empty Re: Hamburg meet up on Saturday!

Post by oilibhear333 on Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:44 pm

Sorry, Fran,
would have loved to meet up with you. It's a long way up there and quite expensive, too.
Better to see you in Barcelona, when I decide to go there. Maybe spring of next year.
There are loads of gorgeous German girls who would love to smoke up a storm for you (I/we hope....).

Will this be your next project after those very successful trips to London and Prague?

Well, have a great time anyway!! BTW, I LOVE Hendricks Gin as well! It tastes fantastic!!


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