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Post by allen2020 on Fri Mar 02, 2012 11:34 pm

I've just activiated my registration for the site, and though this comment will likely not be new, I wanted to add my two cents anyhow.

I think the photo that appears on the home/intro page (isn't this Andrea?) is absolutely wonderful, and is likely the best smoking arts photograph I've ever seen. It's also one of the best pix of any nature that I've seen. The composition, subject, setting, pose, perspective, framing, etc., is all just perfect, and the sensuality of it --- from the model's hair (cut and color), to the angle of her face, to the density and shape and direction of her exhale, to her see-through blouse, to the curvature and tone of her exposed breast, to the manner in which she holds and handles her cigarette, to the visibility of the evident path of her smoke through the filter (obviously VERY deeply drawn) --- is beyond perfection, and beyond belief. I have no idea how Fran knows not only how to light a scene, but what it is that we crave seeing, but I'm very, VERY happy he knows it.


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Post by Admin1 on Mon Mar 05, 2012 7:05 pm

Thanks Allen. The photo you mean was captured from this video: and the model is Gwen.

Thanks for your comments, however I don't see myself as a pro, I still have a long way to learn about photography and lighting. The website just shows my own experiments with smoking-models, I'll keep trying my best.

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