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Eli and Lorena review Empty Eli and Lorena review

Post by rynryn on Mon Aug 20, 2012 7:43 pm

Hi Fran,
First of all, I want to say congratulation on finding incredible smoking girls. I think this time with being able to have Former Miss Barcelona appear in your videos you have found one of thee most incredible girls who smokes. And her friend Eli is also extremely beautiful.
Both girls are beautiful, Lorena does look more attractive but Eli is also exceptionally pretty.
The first scene, I enjoyed this. I think make up and smoke is a good combination, and with Lorena doing Eli's make up. And also, with Eli pumping on her cigarette without being able to take the cigarette from her mouth.
The second scene features nice close ups of Eli, she just looked so natural in front of the camera. And with Lorena being in the background a bit more, you could see her exhales filling up the room.
The 3rd scene, the outdoor one in the streets of Barcelona I thought was really well done. If only it was longer. I think taking the camera away from a room, and putting it into society just like you did. With people walking past, cars driving. Even how the wind blows the smoke in different directions is quite unique. There is not many smoking videos that I know of that are like that. Also, I think most guys would turn there heads to see such pretty girls like these too in the street never mind, a smoking fan to see such girls smoke! Perhaps a strange thing, but I like girls who wear shades (sun glasses).
I seen some comments in the review section of the actual video, and a few did not like the clothes? I thought both girls suited their clothing. There wasn't much flesh being shown but both girls looked hot, the clothes enhanced their bodies. I thought Eli suited her top, and I think Lorena looked great in her shiny leggings. I must confess to being a leggings fan.
Eli's solo scenes were also really good. I think Lorena was most likely the harder name for you to attract and due to popularity, she hopefully comes back. But I hope you decide to bring Eli back too. She did some nice poses, and looked like she was enjoying herself.
The final scence was perhaps my 2nd favorite after the 1st scene. To see both girls lay back, relax, and smoke. Also to see the smoke exhale straight up in the air. Very well done Fran, I think you mixed beauty and smoking very well. Does anyone else have any comments on their owen review on what they liked and didn't?
Now... about another 40 video reviews to go with the videos I have purchased Laughing


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