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Question about the performers Empty Question about the performers

Post by rynryn on Fri Aug 24, 2012 4:54 pm

Hi Fran,
I would like to say thank you for having this forum and also, replying to fans and followers of your work.
Earlier on today at work, I was thinking of a question regarding the models. Once you have either contacted a model / or once you contact them about a shoot. How do they feel in general about smoking on video? is it difficult to convince them to do the shoot? (You have filmed so many girls, do some of them sometimes back out?). Or are their some who are actually aware of the smoking fetish in the first place.
I must admit, I am impressed by the quality and quantity of girls you are able to film. It feels in recent times, that the "smoking fetish" awareness seems to have grown. I would say it's much more widely accepted as a fetish. Just wondering with you being able to film smokers, do they seem to be aware too?


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Question about the performers Empty Re: Question about the performers

Post by Admin1 on Sat Nov 24, 2012 2:23 pm

Sorry for my delay in answer this thread.

Models feel great about smoking on a video, otherwise they will not do it. If a model doubts about doing a video, or if she is not convinced at all, or if she has a dollar sign on her eyes, I'm the first one to encourage her to abandon. I select the models based on the condition that they must love the camera, and love to smoke.

About the question if it is hard to convince them, again, I don't have (nor need) to convince them, they have to feel highly motivated to do it, to be part of my work, and to have such 'smoking' photos on their portfolios as models. I had to convince some girls on my begginings, but now I just introduce the idea to a candidate, if she doubts, she is not the right model to do it, if she likes it then we make a short audition to be sure that she meets the requiered skills.

We talk about the smoking fetish, the topic comes during and before the shooting. My perception of smoking fetish, opossite to some SF producers, is that SF doesn't needs to focus on sexual depictions. Most of smoking women know that smoking can be sensual, flirty, and many of them (wrong or right) use their smoking behaviour to enhace their own beauty. Of course that kind of women fancies the sensual part of the smoking fetish, unconciently they know it. Women created the smoking fetish, not men, by using their smoking habit to enhace their beauty and sophistication, enhacing their social interest as a tool to gain acceptance and even status in the community. Models who don't understand this concept or don't practice it will not be the best suitable models for my work. We love to talk about SF, but too much talking about it will bias the naturality of the model during the session.

At last, on some point we may talk with the model why some people collect SF videos, and how they may use the videos. The topic is simple, most of those girls like to pose on a sexy way on their model portfolios, or in their facebook profiles, women who like to pose on a sexy way know that their male friends can give many uses to her photos, they are aware of it, and if they know we love to light up their cigarette, they will add the cigarette on their personal photos. But this is not their biggest concern, but another: Women care more about competence with other women, and not about the use that some men can give to their image. The biggest concern for a woman is when she has been socially blamed for being too bitchy. This is never decided by man, but other women will decide it. Women community on humans has their own competence rules, and women who takes advantage by breaking the stablished female community rules is punished by other women. Men we have few to do about, just enjoy their show and competence rules, we are on their secondary row except when we have been choosed to be another tool for their status or targets in life. Women rules! This may seem out of topic, but if I propose the model a session were she is hot enough to be sexy on eyes men, but ellegant enough to be accepted by the women community, she shouldn't refuse.

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