Julia - Double Smoking Device - AMAZING!

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Julia - Double Smoking Device - AMAZING! Empty Julia - Double Smoking Device - AMAZING!

Post by Wendy Smoker on Sun Sep 09, 2012 7:00 pm

This is an AMAZING video to watch! VERY VERY SEXY!

Julia made up a very creative arrangement of three plastic Tees and some length of clear platic tubing with the inputs for the two cigarettes on top of her nipples. To see her using it it is incredibly sexy! Many thanks to Julia for her creativity and her performance.

I see she is smoking Marlboro reds with it - which is a somewhat strong full flavor cigarette as I understand it. To be smoking two of them at once using this two cigarette tubing arrangement is really amazing.

The only complaint I would have is that the tee coming to the mouth inhale tubing is closer to the right side of her body, so that cigarette burns down quicker than the other one. (Hey, I work in engineering...)

My minor complaint aside, I want to say that her using that looks so hot that I am going to make a similar double smoking device with the breathing tube tee in the center of the back (probably with a bit of padding for comfort when laying down) and do this myself!

My breasts are smaller than hers (only B cups), and I only smoke Virgina Slims lights very occassionally and do open mouth inhales at that. But now having seen Julia in this video using her double smoking device and looking so sexy doing it and enjoying it so much, I just have to make one and use it for myself! I will practice with two Virginia Slims lights - first shallow inhales, then deeper inhales (better to start slow and easy and looking forward to doing more instead of doing too much at once) - and then even possibly work up to stronger cigarettes from there.

THAT is how affected I am from this video!

Congratulations to Julia and to Fran for an excellent video!

Wendy Smoker

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Julia - Double Smoking Device - AMAZING! Empty Wendy Smoker???

Post by malta on Tue Sep 11, 2012 11:14 pm

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