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Post by Wendy Smoker on Sat Sep 15, 2012 2:44 pm

I posted this on the site and thoght that I would also post it here:

This may seem like a wierd question, but for a long time I have had the fantasy of taking up smoking and enjoying it and becoming addicted to it.

I did a Google search for "How to start smoking" and at the top was the link to the "How to Start Smoking" page on the site. Amazing stuff! Very practical information about starting slowly and gradually. Then I checked out the forums and found I wasn't alone in my fantasies of desiring to start start smoking and learning to enjoy it and becoming addicted enough to experience those delicious sounding cravings I read about - And am going near crazy with imagining how it would feel to experience such a craving and to finally give in and smoke in response to the craving.

It makes me hot just thinking about it...

I guess I should mention that I am an adult woman who is old enough to make my own decisions, and I have (with the combination of fear and nervous anticipation) carefully thought out the consequences and have decided that this is indeed what I want to do... I want this for myself, for my own reasons... (I really don't understand why, just that this is what I want, very much, for myself...)

Presently where I am at is I have smoked one pack of Virginia Slims Gold Pack (Lights). One a day in my car on the way in to work - I use open mouth inhales (suck in the smoke like sucking in liquid with a straw, remove cigaratte from mouth and open mouth and breate in with a short intense gasp trying to draw the smoke into my lungs as deeply as possible, hold for a few seconds, then breathe it out). Nothing much at first but I am atarting to get a buzz that really feels good!

Pleast tell me where to go from here...

I would be very thankful to any advice anyone could give me...

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