Big thank you too SSW

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Big thank you too SSW Empty Big thank you too SSW

Post by sir doom on Tue Nov 12, 2013 11:46 pm

I just wanted to say thank you SmokingSweeties for all the awesome clips you have made available too us over the years.

You have given us some of the best models that the SF world has ever seen, you strive to please your customers and always push the quality to make the videos as pleasing as possible. Then you even go the extra distance to ask us all what we like and don't like. It shows that you care and are not just in this business to make money and that you really want to please us all.

Sometimes I feel like we (I) ask too much, and I think we should hand the artistic direction back too the producer. Your clips have always been interesting in the past with or without our input, basically if it's something that you enjoy chances are we will enjoy it also.

This year has brought us all some really amazing clips: Alba (very pretty and descent smoker), Gwen (I never get tired of Gwen and she only gets sexier to me as time goes on), Alexia (so pretty and an amazing smoker), Imane (a nice surprise for me), Alazne (darkside clip, perhaps my favorite girl ever), Andrea (another darkside goddess), Silvia and Dafne (amazing concept, both darkside and lightside at the same time), pretty much every clip released this year was good in its own way, I just prefer some models more then others.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for all the SF masterpieces. I have been collecting SF material for many years and I think that SSW has produced the finest material ever. I hope you never get bored producing these clips because the SF will never be the same without them. You didn't just create a SF site you created a SF legacy.

Also a special thanks to all the models that participate on this site, because it takes courage. We love all our smoking chimney girls ( at least I know I do) Twisted Evil

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