Advice for Fran on Fashion Colors.

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Advice for Fran on Fashion Colors. Empty Advice for Fran on Fashion Colors.

Post by Eleuthero on Fri Oct 07, 2011 4:19 am

Too many models like Gwen, who has a natural "summer"
complexion, do vids where they're in all black. Gwen is
one of many on the site that look far, far sexier in light
colors. Jen is another and you got that with the pink
blouse in her first vid and white in her second.

Black looks best on porcelain-skinned, black-haired models
and on ash blonds who aren't TOO pale or ruddy-skinned.

Vanessa, for example, is a model who does NOT look best
in black. That blue patterned dress in her short vid matches
her skin and hair much better than black. In the blue dress,
she turns into an "innocent" bad girl. If they START looking
"bad girl", the smoking doesn't add as much allure as if they
start looking like Bambi and the "bad girl" unfolds slowly.
THAT ... is sexy as hell!!!


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